How To Set Yourself Up For Weight Loss Success

Just as you wouldn’t begin an important and complex project at work or home without making plans beforehand, don’t start a new weight loss plan without taking some time to set yourself up for success.

You can make your journey easier by doing the following before you start making changes to your eating habits:


 Determine the real reason(s) you want to lose weight. Maybe you have one big underlying “why,” such as “I have a family history of diabetes and I want to do everything in my power to stay healthy.” Or maybe you have a list of reasons, including things like, “My joints won’t hurt as much if I lose weight,” or “I want to be able to go hiking with my kids next summer.”

Spend some time thinking about your personal reasons for wanting to lose weight. Write them down to remind yourself of your deepest motivations during your weight loss journey.

See your healthcare provider, especially if you have any medical issues. Let your doctor know you plan to take steps to improve your health. This is a good opportunity to record your weight and any pertinent test results. You’ll have a record of exactly where your weight loss journey began.

Set a reasonable goal for weight loss. Talk to your doctor or other health care provider about what an appropriate goal for you is. If you have a lot of weight to lose, break the larger goal into smaller increments.

Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Why tempt yourself with foods that are not on your proposed healthy eating plan? Toss (or donate if packages are unopened and unexpired) everything you know you shouldn’t be eating.

If other household members need or want foods you won’t be eating, see if you can store the foods that might tempt you someplace where you won’t see them every time you’re in the kitchen. Perhaps you can give them a cabinet, shelf, or drawer all their own.

Make a list of strategies for when you’re tempted to go off your plan. What possible obstacles or challenging situations can you foresee? Maybe an annual holiday party approaches, or your yearly vacation. What if someone brings a birthday cake to work? Create some if/then scenarios to help you cope.

Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member. Share your weight loss plans and ask for their support during the process. You might even form a support group of people who want to lose weight.

Collect the basic tools you’ll need for measuring food portions, meal preparation, and cooking at home. It’s much easier to whip up a healthy home-cooked meal when you have a sharp knife, a good non-stick skillet, and accurate measuring utensils!

Losing weight is a process that requires changes to multiple lifestyle habits. Set yourself up for weight loss success by preparing for these changes before you start your new diet plan.

- Ideal Protein

Get The Away From Me Chocolate Easter Bunny!!!

1. Make a commitment to stick to your plan: What’s your Why? Why did you start Ideal Protein?

2. Keep your eyes on the prize:

Focus on your goal instead of the addictive unhealthy foods that are around you. If you know what you want most (to reach your goal!!!) and your commitment and desire are strong enough, it will be easier to choose veggies and lean protein and avoid all the off protocol options.

3. Prepare ahead for the day:

Think it through, make a plan and visualize a positive outcome for your Easter gathering. Eat an Ideal Protein packet beforehand – never go hungry! Take a healthy protocol dish to share with others.

4. What to Drink:

Drink water to help fill you up or you can spice it up with a lemon twist in “bubble” water. If it’s available you can also have an unsweet ice tea.

5. Have fun with your family and friends & Stay Away From That Dang Chocolate Bunny!!!!

Easter Bunnies .jpg
                                       HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

Summer's Coming...Are You Ready...Neither Am I


Can you believe March has already come and gone? Neither can we. As we began to plan for this week at the clinic, we looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe that summer is just two and a half short months away. It’s already April, which means there’s no more time to (fool;) around!!! It’s time to really look at where we are physically and decide if we are ready for all that living in Austin, Texas in the heat of the summer entails. Shorts, tank tops, lake season, sitting by the pool and bathing suits, oh my!!!!

As the coach of the clinic, I have had great success with the Ideal Protein protocol. I lost close to 90lbs, felt great and was doing things that I hadn't’ been able to do comfortably in years. I was mountain biking with my husband and our sweet Miles-Puppy, I was able to run two miles without stopping and I was finally able to shop in any store that I wanted to and believe me, I was shopping. Boots zipped up over my calves without a struggle, I actually wore pants with buttons & zippers, heck I even felt pretty comfortable in my swimsuit. It felt so great. I had really done it. The reward was so worth the hours, days, weeks, and months of hard work.

I don’t know if it was pride, fear or ignorance that held me back from seeking an Ideal Protein coach to help me with my journey. Honestly, it was probably a combination of all three. I always told my myself and others that, “my dieters hold me accountable” and really they did during the weight loss phase, so I thought. Once I reached a point where I started feeling good and looking good, I decided I was “over it.” I decided to switch to a traditional “keto diet” to finish and “reach my goal.” Big mistake! Big! HUGE!!! (just like that rude sales lady in pretty woman, lol, I made a huge mistake) I did not stabilize my weight or go into maintenance. Two of the most crucial stages of the protocol!! I, the know-it-all coach, dipped out on the most important part of the program.

The consequences of my actions were heavy, (pun intended.) Y’all, I gained it ALL back. Every lost pound, I found. In my opinion, not to shame anyone else, for me, my body is not ready for summer. It’s not ready for shorts, tank tops or a swimsuit, but my mind is made up and it is ready. I have decided to get an Ideal Protein coach and do it again. This time I will have someone to hold me accountable, someone to encourage me, correct me and re-direct me when I begin the whole “I can’t, this is too hard, I want to quit, blah blah blah” stinking thinking.

I have seen the success of my dieters that go through the 4-step protocol. They get the weight off and they keep it off. Even when they go up a little due to vacations, holidays and life in general, they recognize it and get right back on top of it before it gets out of hand.

Phase 1: weight loss

Phase 2: phase off (this is where I quit)

Phase 3: stabilization

Phase 4: maintenance

If you live or work in the Cedar Park area and have been thinking that you need to make a change and do something about the weight you’ve gained, or like me, put back on, come start your Ideal Protein journey with me. Let’s get ready for summer and more importantly for the rest of our lives together. Sure cute clothes and swimsuits are important, but nothing compares to getting healthier and losing the weight that's been holding you back physically and mentally for so long. I’m ready to help you become the absolute best physical version of yourself, to help you get healthy and fit and live your very best life.

Ready or not, let's go. Let's lose this weight, reach our goals and keep it off for the rest of our lives.

You can do this, I can do this, let's do it together!!!

Is Ideal Protein a Ketogenic Diet

Yes, Ideal Protein is a ketogenic diet. . A Ketogenic diet is quite simply any diet that forces the body into a process called ketosis, whereby fats are burned instead of carbohydrates for use as energy.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a 4 Phase Ketogenic weight and lifestyle management protocol medically developed and based on validated science for safe weight loss. It features one-on-one coaching and a healthier lifestyle education in each phase of the journey. The four phases of the protocol consist of:

Phase One:

To be followed until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved

  • 3 Ideal Protein foods per day

  • Dinner: 8oz of whole protein

  • 4 cups of select vegetables

  • Unlimited raw vegetables and lettuce

Phase Two:

  • 2 Ideal Protein foods per day

  • Lunch: 8oz of whole protein

  • Dinner: 8oz of whole protein

  • 4 cups of select vegetables

  • Unlimited raw vegetables and lettuce

Phase Three:

  • 1 Ideal Protein foods per day

  • Breakfast: 8oz of whole protein

  • Lunch: 8oz of whole protein

  • Dinner: 8oz of whole protein

  • 4 cups of select vegetables

  • Unlimited raw vegetables and lettuce

Phase Four:

Phase 4 is our structured approach to stabilization and maintenance,  also called “Lifestyle Living”. It is a 12-month stabilization period, with ongoing support to help you maintain your weight loss success.


Merry Christmas & A Healthy New Year!!

Here’s a few IDEAL ways to avoid holiday weight gain this year and even lose 8-10 lbs over the Christmas season!!!

christmas weight gain.jpg


 1.     Bring healthy foods to the party

If you’ve been asked to bring food with you to the party or holiday meal  you can bring something on the Ideal Health plan, such as a salad or veggie tray,  green beans, steamed broccoli.  This will ensure you’ll have at least one healthy option at the table.

 It’s not impossible to keep your weight under control during the holidays, but also to enjoy yourself at the same time. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about making choices…Choose healthier options first over the fun food, keep your portion sizes in check. Then you can have a relaxing and enjoyable break with family and friends, without the added worries about your health.


2.     Add some exercise to your routine

Moderate aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling  are great choices, but don’t forget to keep it under 45 minutes and at a heart rate that you can easily carry on a conversation. Just remember exercise doesn’t have to be painful to be beneficial. You should go at your own pace, and slow down if you feel out of breath.

A great way to get some exercise squeezed in during the busy holiday season is to go for a walk with a friend or family member, who you haven’t seen in a while. This way, you get a chance to chat and catch up on each other’s lives, and also come back feeling refreshed and invigorated.


3.     Choose the healthiest options AND don’t forget about moderation

Always be prepared and have an Ideal Protein meal with you. If you’re faced with a large feast, it’s okay to enjoy the great healthy food, veggies of all kinds, salad and the lean protein selections.

Smaller portions will allow you to enjoy the full range of holiday fare, while keeping your caloric intake to a minimum.

For large celebrations – or all day multiple home celebrations –  it’s also a good idea to eat an Ideal Protein food  beforehand, so that you won’t be so tempted to overindulge.

If there are foods you really don’t enjoy so much, don’t waste the calories on them.


4.      Indulging with alcohol


Substitute your favorite cocktail this holiday season with a sparkling or bubble water served in a wine glass or champagne flute and garnished with lime or mint.

5. Be Present and Make Memories that last

Instead of being consumed with what to eat this season, be present and enjoy family and friends. Focus on making memories in good conversations, by playing games, driving around town looking at Christmas light..etc.


Diet Soda Is Not Your Friend


As an Ideal Protein coach I am often asked why diet sodas are not permitted. The common push back is that they are zero calorie, zero carb and zero sugar. That is true, but ultimately they slow weight loss and they are not a good pairing with a ketogenic diet. 

Many make the mistake of switching from soda with sugar to the alternative sugar diet sodas. The assumption is that because they don’t have sugar, they must be perfect for a ketogenic diet. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Diet soda’s use a variety of different sugar substitutes. Some of the sugar substitutes actually tell your body that an overload of sugar is coming in. This can lead to the body’s metabolism shutting down, blood glucose levels to rise, and weight to build.

Instead of the soda’s with harmful sugar alcohols and substitutes, a great alternative is sparkling water. Sometimes we just need the bubbles in our drinks. That sharp bite and fizzy flavor can be replicated with a sparkling water without the harmful effects that diet sodas provide. 

Another great alternative to diet soda that you can try is one of our Ideal Protein water enhancers. We offer two great flavors, Mangosteen for the berry lover and Tangerine for the tart, sour lover. You can't go wrong with either and they will definitely help you get your 64+ oz of h20 in each day. 

Whatever you decide to reach for, just make sure that you are tracking your water intake to aid in hydration and great loses on the scale and be sure to stay away from all diet soda.


So you've heard of Ideal Protein, but what is it?!?

What is Ideal Protein?

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically developed 4 phase weight loss and weight management protocol, containing 2 key components: 1) weight loss, and 2) healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over time.

How does Ideal Protein work?

The four phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol work by bringing your relationship with food back to its fundamentals, and are designed to help you: set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

The Protocol is broken down into Four Phases:

  • Phase 1 – Weight Loss
  • Phase 2 – Pre-Stabilization
  • Phase 3 – Pre-Stabilization and gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates and fat
  • Phase 4 – Maintenance

During the weight loss phases of the Protocol, we limit carbohydrate intake to encourage the body to turn to its fat and muscle components for energy. This normal metabolic process is called ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process, which refers to the state of metabolism the body is in when it uses fat as a primary energy source.

In fact, we all do a little ‘ketosis” each night when we sleep.  As we fast during the night, our blood sugars drop and our body begins breaking down fat to use as energy.

What sets Ideal Protein apart from other diets?

What sets the Ideal Protein Protocol apart from other weight loss diets on the market is our focus on weight issues at their source.

The Protocol aims at reducing carbohydrates and fats, not protein. In so doing, it preserves muscle tissue and protects vital organs to secure their proper function. In other words, the goal is to lose fat, not muscle.

While on the Protocol, through personalized coaching, you’re also provided with healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over your life course.

Taco Tuesday?!? You bet!!

Taco Tuesday is a real thing. Especially if you're from Texas. We take our tacos seriously and will choose where we eat them by determining where the best chips and salsa are served. Fortunately with a few tweaks, you don't have to give tacos up while you're on Ideal Protein. Below is a recipe that's sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Taco's..Ideal Protein Style..

1. Prepare lean ground turkey or extra lean ground beef with chili powder, onion powder, garlic salt, lime and fresh cilantro to taste.
2. Fill fresh crisp romaine leaves with your prepared taco meat + Phase 1 approved veggies of your choice (bell peppers, green onion, tomatoes, jalepeno's etc.)
3. Add some sugar free salsa
4. For a little extra flavor, add 1-2 T of Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch Dressing and/or Tapatio Sauce.
5. Pair with some Nacho Cheese or Sweet Chili Dorados and you will feel like you're cheating for sure. 

Delicious, full of flavor and Ideal Protein compliant.

Don't get stuck with boring eating habits and for the love...Eat Tacos!!!


Stuck in the same ole same cooking rut???

Are you bored or stuck in the same ole cooking rut?!? Do you want yummy, easy to make, 100% protocol phase one snacks, meals, desserts & more.. Follow the link below and order Janevas Ideal Recipes cookbook. You won't regret it!! This cookbook is a great investment that will help insure that your cravings are cured, your boredom is overcome and your weight loss is delicious and consistent..:) 

Enjoy & keep on keeping's a beautiful ride.




I'm not an emotional I???

Emotional eating is when you eat food to cope with difficult emotions. Since emotional eating has nothing to do with hunger, it's typical to eat a lot more calories than your body needs or will use. Anytime we eat for reasons other than hunger, if we're not careful it can double or even triple the amount of calories that we consume in a day. This will eventually lead to unwanted added pounds on the scale, which equals weight gain.

Everyone has bad days, but not everyone uses food to get through them. I know for myself if you would have asked me a while back, I would have said, "no-way!! I don't have any emotional eating issues." However, while on my Ideal Protein journey I have found myself standing in the pantry or with the fridge door wide open when I wasn't hungry at all, but hurt, sad, or even angry about something. Holy smokes!! How many times have I done this in my life?!? And how many pounds did I gain in the process?!? Maybe I am an emotional eater.

This has been one of many eye openers that I've had along the way. I now find myself questioning my intent when "I'm hungry." Am I truly hungry or is there something else going on that I'm hoping food will cure or settle down?

I have found in the majority of cases that I am not truly hungry, I'm seeking comfort. If you make yourself go for a walk instead of grabbing something out of the pantry you will find out quickly that you're not hungry nearly as often as you might think ;) This is also a good time to hydrate and increase your water intake. Water will satisfy an empty tummy and help fill you up in between meals and snacks. Check in with your self and find out what's truly going on.

We all want the fast magic solution to weight loss, but due to it being a process you're able to search within yourself and find the triggers and maybe even some of the root causes of why you gained weight to begin with. Of course the reasons are going to be different for each of us, but finding out your reasons is crucial for stabilization and maintenance and for helping keep the weight off permanently.

Celebrate the journey and enjoy getting to know yourself better through the process!!

-Coach Andi

Debunking Myths About Weight Loss

Many people rely on the Internet for information on losing weight. There’s so much information on weight loss out there that it’s easy to get confused. Let’s try to separate fact from fiction when it comes to successful weight loss. Following are some of the more common weight loss myths that can ultimately affect your weight loss journey.

Myth #1. All calories are equal.

Actually, not all calories are the same. For example, calories from whole foods, like vegetables, can be much more filling than calories from refined foods, such as candy.

Myth #2. Exercise alone produces weight loss.

Exercise is an important part of weight loss, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight without paying attention to your diet. Although exercise promotes well-being, fitness and overall health, nutrition plays a much larger role in weight loss.

Myth #3. Fat makes you fatter.

This is an outdated myth from the 1980’s. During the era of the low fat craze, food companies removed fat from snack products and put in loads of sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor from the missing fat. Coincidentally, Americans got fatter. In fact, foods with healthy fats, like olive oil, can help you stay satisfied longer while sugar, on the other hand, spikes insulin levels, making us hungrier and causing a craving for more sugary, calorie-laden starches.

Myth #4. Carbs are your enemy.

This one is pervasive—and wrong. The truth is not all carbs are unhealthy. Refined carbs, such as processed foods that are high in sugar and refined grains, are definitely unhealthy and linked to weight gain. However, fiber-rich whole foods, like vegetables, are high in carbs but very healthy.

Myth #5. Snacking is a bad idea.

The idea that you shouldn’t eat between meals is a myth. Actually, having a healthy, nutritious snack between meals might help you eat less or keep you from binging later.

Myth #6. As long as you count calories, it doesn’t matter what you eat.

Actually, what you eat does matter. Eating a healthy mix of quality foods and limiting sugary and highly processed foods will help keep you satisfied and promote good health.

There is no shortcut to weight loss. Navigating through all the information can be daunting- but once you know the facts – you are ready to make decisions to support healthy and lasting weight loss.

Ideal Protein takes all the guess work out of the weight loss equation. With the protocol laid out for you and the guidance, support and encouragement of your health  coach, you are sure to reach your weight loss goals and more importantly learn the necessary tools to keep the weight off. 

Why Choose Ideal Protein

As a chiropractor in Cedar Park, Texas, I have been asked to do, be a part of or join many new ideas and fads along the way. I get told about a lot of interesting concepts regarding how to get healthier or how to improve this or that function. In most cases, I decline to be a part of these practices, because I simply do not know enough to get involved. That changed a couple years ago, when I heard of Ideal Protein. 

Weight loss, management, control, DIET or what ever you want to call it has been around FOREVER. It seems like everyone is an expert and every week something is being released. Most of these diets work to an extent, but in many cases I am concerned about the long term effects. I generally shy away from them and urge people to eat whole foods. The problem is, many people are stuck in bad habits and can't seem to get the last few pounds (or 100) off. That's where Ideal Protein came in. 

Ideal Protein is a ketogenic based weight management system that helps average people take control of their lives again. It's simple, effective and easy to do. Note: I did not say that you can do it without discipline. It's easy to do, but it's not easy. Let me explain. Ideal Protein is laid out for you. You know what you need to do. The cooking is simple. You still have to work the system. You still have to avoid the things that got you into this place and you still have to work hard on making good choices. With that said, Ideal Protein takes out all the guess work. 

After I found out about Ideal Protein, I couldn't wait to learn more. I reached out to corporate and they filled me in on the rest. They told me what I needed and then they told me that I needed someone to manage the Ideal Protein aspect of my clinic. I knew who I needed. That's where I brought in the most positive, encouraging person I knew, my wife Andi. Andi could run the clinic and could use Ideal Protein herself. (I thought this was a genius idea by the way ;) 

With the blessing of Ideal Protein corporate and Coach Andi, we were off and running. We successfully launched Ideal Protein in 2016 and have been helping people everyday since. We have seen people lose 20 lbs and we have seen people lose over 100 lbs. Both of these examples are great, but the biggest success we see at Cedar Park Ideal Protein is that people get their live's back. Being a part of that and seeing people return to things they once thought were impossible is amazing. We love being a part of it and would love to walk down the journey with you. 

- Dr. Tuggle