Merry Christmas & A Healthy New Year!!

Here’s a few IDEAL ways to avoid holiday weight gain this year and even lose 8-10 lbs over the Christmas season!!!

christmas weight gain.jpg


 1.     Bring healthy foods to the party

If you’ve been asked to bring food with you to the party or holiday meal  you can bring something on the Ideal Health plan, such as a salad or veggie tray,  green beans, steamed broccoli.  This will ensure you’ll have at least one healthy option at the table.

 It’s not impossible to keep your weight under control during the holidays, but also to enjoy yourself at the same time. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about making choices…Choose healthier options first over the fun food, keep your portion sizes in check. Then you can have a relaxing and enjoyable break with family and friends, without the added worries about your health.


2.     Add some exercise to your routine

Moderate aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling  are great choices, but don’t forget to keep it under 45 minutes and at a heart rate that you can easily carry on a conversation. Just remember exercise doesn’t have to be painful to be beneficial. You should go at your own pace, and slow down if you feel out of breath.

A great way to get some exercise squeezed in during the busy holiday season is to go for a walk with a friend or family member, who you haven’t seen in a while. This way, you get a chance to chat and catch up on each other’s lives, and also come back feeling refreshed and invigorated.


3.     Choose the healthiest options AND don’t forget about moderation

Always be prepared and have an Ideal Protein meal with you. If you’re faced with a large feast, it’s okay to enjoy the great healthy food, veggies of all kinds, salad and the lean protein selections.

Smaller portions will allow you to enjoy the full range of holiday fare, while keeping your caloric intake to a minimum.

For large celebrations – or all day multiple home celebrations –  it’s also a good idea to eat an Ideal Protein food  beforehand, so that you won’t be so tempted to overindulge.

If there are foods you really don’t enjoy so much, don’t waste the calories on them.


4.      Indulging with alcohol


Substitute your favorite cocktail this holiday season with a sparkling or bubble water served in a wine glass or champagne flute and garnished with lime or mint.

5. Be Present and Make Memories that last

Instead of being consumed with what to eat this season, be present and enjoy family and friends. Focus on making memories in good conversations, by playing games, driving around town looking at Christmas light..etc.