Why Choose Ideal Protein

As a chiropractor in Cedar Park, Texas, I have been asked to do, be a part of or join many new ideas and fads along the way. I get told about a lot of interesting concepts regarding how to get healthier or how to improve this or that function. In most cases, I decline to be a part of these practices, because I simply do not know enough to get involved. That changed a couple years ago, when I heard of Ideal Protein. 

Weight loss, management, control, DIET or what ever you want to call it has been around FOREVER. It seems like everyone is an expert and every week something is being released. Most of these diets work to an extent, but in many cases I am concerned about the long term effects. I generally shy away from them and urge people to eat whole foods. The problem is, many people are stuck in bad habits and can't seem to get the last few pounds (or 100) off. That's where Ideal Protein came in. 

Ideal Protein is a ketogenic based weight management system that helps average people take control of their lives again. It's simple, effective and easy to do. Note: I did not say that you can do it without discipline. It's easy to do, but it's not easy. Let me explain. Ideal Protein is laid out for you. You know what you need to do. The cooking is simple. You still have to work the system. You still have to avoid the things that got you into this place and you still have to work hard on making good choices. With that said, Ideal Protein takes out all the guess work. 

After I found out about Ideal Protein, I couldn't wait to learn more. I reached out to corporate and they filled me in on the rest. They told me what I needed and then they told me that I needed someone to manage the Ideal Protein aspect of my clinic. I knew who I needed. That's where I brought in the most positive, encouraging person I knew, my wife Andi. Andi could run the clinic and could use Ideal Protein herself. (I thought this was a genius idea by the way ;) 

With the blessing of Ideal Protein corporate and Coach Andi, we were off and running. We successfully launched Ideal Protein in 2016 and have been helping people everyday since. We have seen people lose 20 lbs and we have seen people lose over 100 lbs. Both of these examples are great, but the biggest success we see at Cedar Park Ideal Protein is that people get their live's back. Being a part of that and seeing people return to things they once thought were impossible is amazing. We love being a part of it and would love to walk down the journey with you. 

- Dr. Tuggle