I'm not an emotional eater...am I???

Emotional eating is when you eat food to cope with difficult emotions. Since emotional eating has nothing to do with hunger, it's typical to eat a lot more calories than your body needs or will use. Anytime we eat for reasons other than hunger, if we're not careful it can double or even triple the amount of calories that we consume in a day. This will eventually lead to unwanted added pounds on the scale, which equals weight gain.

Everyone has bad days, but not everyone uses food to get through them. I know for myself if you would have asked me a while back, I would have said, "no-way!! I don't have any emotional eating issues." However, while on my Ideal Protein journey I have found myself standing in the pantry or with the fridge door wide open when I wasn't hungry at all, but hurt, sad, or even angry about something. Holy smokes!! How many times have I done this in my life?!? And how many pounds did I gain in the process?!? Maybe I am an emotional eater.

This has been one of many eye openers that I've had along the way. I now find myself questioning my intent when "I'm hungry." Am I truly hungry or is there something else going on that I'm hoping food will cure or settle down?

I have found in the majority of cases that I am not truly hungry, I'm seeking comfort. If you make yourself go for a walk instead of grabbing something out of the pantry you will find out quickly that you're not hungry nearly as often as you might think ;) This is also a good time to hydrate and increase your water intake. Water will satisfy an empty tummy and help fill you up in between meals and snacks. Check in with your self and find out what's truly going on.

We all want the fast magic solution to weight loss, but due to it being a process you're able to search within yourself and find the triggers and maybe even some of the root causes of why you gained weight to begin with. Of course the reasons are going to be different for each of us, but finding out your reasons is crucial for stabilization and maintenance and for helping keep the weight off permanently.

Celebrate the journey and enjoy getting to know yourself better through the process!!

-Coach Andi