Diet Soda Is Not Your Friend


As an Ideal Protein coach I am often asked why diet sodas are not permitted. The common push back is that they are zero calorie, zero carb and zero sugar. That is true, but ultimately they slow weight loss and they are not a good pairing with a ketogenic diet. 

Many make the mistake of switching from soda with sugar to the alternative sugar diet sodas. The assumption is that because they don’t have sugar, they must be perfect for a ketogenic diet. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Diet soda’s use a variety of different sugar substitutes. Some of the sugar substitutes actually tell your body that an overload of sugar is coming in. This can lead to the body’s metabolism shutting down, blood glucose levels to rise, and weight to build.

Instead of the soda’s with harmful sugar alcohols and substitutes, a great alternative is sparkling water. Sometimes we just need the bubbles in our drinks. That sharp bite and fizzy flavor can be replicated with a sparkling water without the harmful effects that diet sodas provide. 

Another great alternative to diet soda that you can try is one of our Ideal Protein water enhancers. We offer two great flavors, Mangosteen for the berry lover and Tangerine for the tart, sour lover. You can't go wrong with either and they will definitely help you get your 64+ oz of h20 in each day. 

Whatever you decide to reach for, just make sure that you are tracking your water intake to aid in hydration and great loses on the scale and be sure to stay away from all diet soda.