Summer's Coming...Are You Ready...Neither Am I


Can you believe March has already come and gone? Neither can we. As we began to plan for this week at the clinic, we looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe that summer is just two and a half short months away. It’s already April, which means there’s no more time to (fool;) around!!! It’s time to really look at where we are physically and decide if we are ready for all that living in Austin, Texas in the heat of the summer entails. Shorts, tank tops, lake season, sitting by the pool and bathing suits, oh my!!!!

As the coach of the clinic, I have had great success with the Ideal Protein protocol. I lost close to 90lbs, felt great and was doing things that I hadn't’ been able to do comfortably in years. I was mountain biking with my husband and our sweet Miles-Puppy, I was able to run two miles without stopping and I was finally able to shop in any store that I wanted to and believe me, I was shopping. Boots zipped up over my calves without a struggle, I actually wore pants with buttons & zippers, heck I even felt pretty comfortable in my swimsuit. It felt so great. I had really done it. The reward was so worth the hours, days, weeks, and months of hard work.

I don’t know if it was pride, fear or ignorance that held me back from seeking an Ideal Protein coach to help me with my journey. Honestly, it was probably a combination of all three. I always told my myself and others that, “my dieters hold me accountable” and really they did during the weight loss phase, so I thought. Once I reached a point where I started feeling good and looking good, I decided I was “over it.” I decided to switch to a traditional “keto diet” to finish and “reach my goal.” Big mistake! Big! HUGE!!! (just like that rude sales lady in pretty woman, lol, I made a huge mistake) I did not stabilize my weight or go into maintenance. Two of the most crucial stages of the protocol!! I, the know-it-all coach, dipped out on the most important part of the program.

The consequences of my actions were heavy, (pun intended.) Y’all, I gained it ALL back. Every lost pound, I found. In my opinion, not to shame anyone else, for me, my body is not ready for summer. It’s not ready for shorts, tank tops or a swimsuit, but my mind is made up and it is ready. I have decided to get an Ideal Protein coach and do it again. This time I will have someone to hold me accountable, someone to encourage me, correct me and re-direct me when I begin the whole “I can’t, this is too hard, I want to quit, blah blah blah” stinking thinking.

I have seen the success of my dieters that go through the 4-step protocol. They get the weight off and they keep it off. Even when they go up a little due to vacations, holidays and life in general, they recognize it and get right back on top of it before it gets out of hand.

Phase 1: weight loss

Phase 2: phase off (this is where I quit)

Phase 3: stabilization

Phase 4: maintenance

If you live or work in the Cedar Park area and have been thinking that you need to make a change and do something about the weight you’ve gained, or like me, put back on, come start your Ideal Protein journey with me. Let’s get ready for summer and more importantly for the rest of our lives together. Sure cute clothes and swimsuits are important, but nothing compares to getting healthier and losing the weight that's been holding you back physically and mentally for so long. I’m ready to help you become the absolute best physical version of yourself, to help you get healthy and fit and live your very best life.

Ready or not, let's go. Let's lose this weight, reach our goals and keep it off for the rest of our lives.

You can do this, I can do this, let's do it together!!!