Get The Away From Me Chocolate Easter Bunny!!!

1. Make a commitment to stick to your plan: What’s your Why? Why did you start Ideal Protein?

2. Keep your eyes on the prize:

Focus on your goal instead of the addictive unhealthy foods that are around you. If you know what you want most (to reach your goal!!!) and your commitment and desire are strong enough, it will be easier to choose veggies and lean protein and avoid all the off protocol options.

3. Prepare ahead for the day:

Think it through, make a plan and visualize a positive outcome for your Easter gathering. Eat an Ideal Protein packet beforehand – never go hungry! Take a healthy protocol dish to share with others.

4. What to Drink:

Drink water to help fill you up or you can spice it up with a lemon twist in “bubble” water. If it’s available you can also have an unsweet ice tea.

5. Have fun with your family and friends & Stay Away From That Dang Chocolate Bunny!!!!

Easter Bunnies .jpg
                                       HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!!